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Important Notice to Australian Passport Holders
International Services: Australian Expatriates Working Overseas
Double Taxation Agreement
Australians Trading with Italy
Mortgage Services for Australians in Italy
Testimonial from Italy Aus Expat
They Still Call Australia Home
Resumption Lost Australian Citizenship
Australians in USA
Australia s diaspora in USA. Learn about their experiences.
Voting and Enrolment
Blog discussions Get Up campaign !
Occasional Newsletter July 2010
The primary purpose of this issue of the Newsletter is to identify websites which will assist you in keeping abreast of developments during the Australian federal election campaign. We hope you find the other articles also of interest and look forward to receiving your feedback.
Citizens Electoral Council of Australia 12th of December 2009
Murdoch & Australian Government panic over LaRouche‚ CEC Rupert Murdoch’s Weekend Australian today waxed hysterical that senior politicians in Australia might be listening to American statesman and physical economist Lyndon LaRouche‚ and to his Australian associates in the Citizens Electoral Council.
Australina Expatriates Voting
Special newsletter February 2011 HAVE YOUR SAY Is it Unconstitutional to Prevent Expats from Enrolling to Vote?
Latest News for Australians in Italy
In this Issue Why Does it Cost So Much to Move Money Overseas? ANZAC Day JSCEM Inquiry into the 2010 Election Australian Age Pension Australian Service Pensions Medicare in Australia Social Security Agreements Australian WWII War Brides in the United States Taxation Superannuation Diplomatic Appointments Free Trade Agreements DFAT Overseas Ban on Mortgage Exit Fees Overseas Biometrics Roll-out for Australian Visas Australian Civilian Corps Bill 2010 [2] Student visa assessment level changes Proposed Changes to the Tourist Refund Scheme and the Sealed Bag Rules Queensland Flood Insurance Guide Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians Government Directories

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