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 MELBOURNE 14 giugno 2012 Incontro con Lachlan Schonfelder MW Group AUSTRALIA SALVADANAIO DEL FUTURO Come costituirsi in Australia il Fondo Pensione Sicuro e Affidabile
Come costituirselo oggi in Australia

Lachlan Schofelder vi attende a Melbourne per discutere sul come e perchè conviene costituirsi in Australia un Fondo Pensione Sicuro e Affidabile

Are you worried after working hard for around 40 years of your life, you won’t have enough Super to retire and live your ideal retirement that you have always dreamed about?

Does that keep you awake at night?

Do you wake each morning hoping to hear that stock markets around the world didn’t crash again??

Are you worried that the Eurozone will collapse, Greece is broke…again!!

Who’s next, Spain, Portugal, Ireland or Italy??

If global stock markets fall again, are you concerned that your retirement savings and your shares could drop in value like in 2008/09 and that will harm your retirement plans?

If you’re Super isn’t being actively managed by an MW licenced investment advisor.

If it’s with your employer, a bank, a life insurance company or in a Union Fund,

Ask yourself this important question……. “since the GFC in 2007 has my Super fund failed to make any money??”

If not, would you like to know how to protect and grow your retirement nest egg regardless of whatever economic season is ahead??

If you answered yes to any of these question’s and you’re confused about what to do, then we urge you to attend our upcoming MW Planning Investor Briefing.

If you attend our FREE one hour investment information session and learn

· Why most Super funds have failed to make money for the last 5 years;

· Why most Super funds to have a “cult like obsession” for investing your money into Australian and International share funds;

· Why debt deleveraging in the Western World is not over and how this will continue to hurt your retirement saving the next 5–10 years if you stay in managed Super funds ;

· Why the USA stock market has not grown for 12 years and the Australian stock market has done nothing last 6 years during our so–called “once in a 100 year” mining boom?

· Where you should be allocating your Super in 2012, should it be in cash, bonds, gold, agriculture, shares or property?

· How Active can better manage your share portfolio;

· Importantly, what not to invest in during “age of debt deleveraging”

· The risks of not reviewing your current investments and super portfolio;

· How much Super is enough to secure the retirement you dream about; and

· How you can safely and securely grow your Super to fund that lifestyle.

You should be concerned about your future and your retirement, it’s where you will spend one third of your life……….

Your choice today is; will you be wealthy, just comfortable or struggling for money each week?

If you attend this presentation, we will also show you how to get your Super Fund back on track and help you fund your ideal retirement.

Date: Thursday, 14th June 2012

Venues: Royce Hotel, 379 St Kilda Road Melbourne

Duration: Registration 6pm, Start 6 30pm SHARP


Lachlan Schonfelder | Senior Financial Planner

MW Group |Head Office /MT Waverley

Level 3/7 Bowen Cres, Melbourne 3004 VIC

P 9866 5888 | F 03 9866 2777 | M 0411 246 256 |

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